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Man who injured dominant hand in collision reaches settlement

$100,000 settlement

A man injured in a car crash in a southern Jackson County city settled a claim against the other driver for $100,000, according to his attorney.

Laurie L. Del Percio of The Horn Law Firm in Independence said her client, Todd Moore, was struck when Brody Bowers failed to yield while making a left-hand turn at the intersection of Main Street and 20th Avenue in Greenwood.

Immediately following the collision, Moore went to the emergency room with severe pain in the right hand and right index finger. X-rays revealed an acute displaced proximal oblique fracture of the base of the right second proximal phalanx with intra-articular extension to the MCP joint. Moore’s wound was cleaned and a splint was applied for the fracture.

Moore, who is right-handed, followed up with orthopedics, resulting in a diagnosis of a closed displaced fracture of proximal phalanx of right index finger and an avulsion fracture at the insertion of the collateral ligament. He underwent surgery and physical therapy. He eventually reached maximum medical improvement with limited mobility in his right index finger and a guarded prognosis.

“Mr. Moore was able to take care of his home and engage in projects to enhance his home before the subject collision,” Del Percio said. “Now, he is very limited in using any type of tools that require the use of his dominant, right hand. He has lost a significant amount of his grip strength.”

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Motor Vehicle Collision

Venue: Jackson County

Case Number/Date: Not filed/Oct. 7, 2022

Special Damages: $34,070.27 past medical billed, $23,114.71 written-off

Caption: Todd Moore v. Brody Bowers

Plaintiffs’ Attorney: Laurie L. Del Percio, The Horn Law Firm, Independence