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The POWER List 2023: Clayton E. Gillette

Clayton E. Gillette The Accurso Law Firm, Kansas City

Clay Gillette has charted a path of success in appellate law.

Gillette started his career clerking for then-Judge William Ray Price Jr. on the Missouri Supreme Court. He earned his law degree from Saint Louis University in 2005. After his clerkship, he honed a practice in appellate law and commercial litigation. He started his own firm in 2012 before joining The Accurso Law Firm in 2015.

In 2018, he won a ruling before the high court that threw out the results of a warrant with a checkbox that allowed officers to search for dead bodies. The court determined the warrant gave officers “unfettered discretion.”

In another case, Gillette represented a Clay County sheriff who countersued two attorneys with claims against him in a personal capacity in an ultimately unsuccessful federal lawsuit. The Missouri Court of Appeals Western District held that Gillette’s client had to show the entire federal suit lacked probable cause, not just the claims against him.

The POWER List: Appellate Law 2023