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The POWER List: Business Defense 2023

Staff Report//May 10, 2023//

The POWER List: Business Defense 2023

Staff Report//May 10, 2023//

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Business Defense 2023

Lawyers who defend businesses in court don’t necessarily like to be in the spotlight. The best thing they can do for their clients is to resolve legal issues quickly and quietly. If that doesn’t work and the case heads to trial, the defense lawyers’ hard-won victory is probably something the client would prefer not to dwell on.

So this latest edition of THE POWER LIST goes out to the most powerful attorneys who defend businesses and corporations in court. These are practitioners who defend their clients on claims ranging from products liability to premises liability, contesting plaintiffs’ claims at every turn and taking great pride in a verdict form that reads: $0.

To compile THE POWER LIST, a regular feature from Missouri Lawyers Media, our editorial team interviewed attorneys around the state, reviewed records of verdicts and settlements and consulted Missouri Lawyers Weekly’s archives to arrive at a list of what we believe are the most powerful business defense attorneys in Missouri.

As always, our POWER series is a subjective endeavor. We’re confident in our choices, but we expect readers might disagree with who we put in or keep out. Let us know what you think we got right and tell us who else we should have considered. And watch for new versions of THE POWER LIST throughout 2023.

The POWER List was written by Senior Reporter Scott Lauck and Staff Reporter Chloe Murdock. Reach Scott at [email protected]

The POWER List for Business Defense 2023

Robert T. Adams

John C. Aisenbrey

Michael R. Baker

Lee M. Baty 

Bill Bay

Rosemarie Blasé

David P. Bub

Gerard T. Carmody

Debbie Champion

Karrie J. Clinkinbeard

Mara H. Cohara

Randy Cowherd

Keith A. Cutler

Jim Foland

Jim Griffin

John W. Grimm

  Bradley R. Hansmann

John L. Hayob

Corey L. Kraushaar 

James Scott Kreamer

Rodney E. Loomer

Thomas J. Magee 

Lauren Tucker McCubbin

Brian E. McGovern

James C. Morrow

Gerard Noce

Craig S. O’Dear

Joseph C. Orlet

Frederick H. “Fritz” Riesmeyer II

Cara Rose

John G. Schultz

Robert M. Thompson

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