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WJA 2023: Lucy McShane

Staff Report//May 11, 2023

WJA 2023: Lucy McShane

Staff Report//May 11, 2023

Lucy McShanePartner, McShane & Brady

For Kansas City native Lucy McShane, it is all about the people she represents.

“I think, for myself, it is the validation I get from my clients who, when their case is over, want a hug and they want to cry and they want to express their gratitude,” said the 43-year-old UMKC graduate who started in criminal defense before becoming a local attorney general for the District of Columbia. “Those are the moments that keep me going. I have a client who will occasionally call and just say ‘I want you to know that I pray for you every day because of what you’ve done for me.’ It is those kinds of moments that I just love.”

Since 2013, McShane has been operating her own personal injury firm, sometimes dealing in class action litigation regarding HIPAA violations.

“I really felt that, after being a prosecutor, the fit on the civil side was a plaintiff’s attorney,” she said. “It was still helping everyday folks. It was still having that interaction with people that you could help make their day or their life a little bit better. So, for me, it was a natural transition.”

Still, those early days were tough for her and co-founder Maureen Brady.

“Our challenge was just getting off the ground, getting and working up cases and finding those clients that wanted us to represent them,” said McShane, who was named an Up & Coming Law Firm Leader by Missouri Lawyers Media in 2016 and regularly appears on its POWER List. “It was challenging in the sense that you go a really long time without a salary in order to ensure that you have the proper foundation.”

McShane is optimistic about the future of women in the legal field.

“I don’t think we are quite there yet, but I think the more time that passes with women doing amazing things in the State of Missouri at all levels, the better it gets,” she said.

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