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The POWER List: Employment Law 2023

Staff Report//July 12, 2023

The POWER List: Employment Law 2023

Staff Report//July 12, 2023

The last couple of years have put our thoughts and beliefs about employment to the test.

For some, working life and home life have become one and the same, with little distinction between on and off the clock and a wardrobe that stretches the concept of business casual to the breaking point.

For others, it has made working face to face with colleagues and customers a risky, perhaps terrifying proposition.

As vaccines bring the economy back to some semblance of normalcy, this latest edition of THE POWER LIST revisits the lawyers who represent employees and those who employ them. These are practitioners who have won notable jury trials under state and federal anti-discrimination statutes, class action settlements on wage-and-hour claims and important precedents in appellate courts that continue to shape the law.

Our editorial team interviewed attorneys and other leaders around the state, reviewed records of verdicts and settlements, and consulted Missouri Lawyers Weekly’s archives to arrive at a list of what we believe are the 35 most powerful employment attorneys in Missouri. Some were honored in past versions of the list; others are new this year.

This remains a subjective enterprise, and we expect readers might have reached different conclusions had the choices been theirs. We welcome that feedback. Let us know what you think, and stay tuned for new versions of THE POWER LIST.

The POWER List was written by Senior Reporter Scott Lauck. Reach him at [email protected] or Editor Jordan Yount at [email protected].

The POWER List for Employment Law 2023

Sally E. Barker

Sonal Bhatia

Michael L. Blumenthal

Lynne Jaben Bratcher

Jerome J. Dobson

Brendan J. Donelon

Denise K. Drake

Dennis E. Egan

Josef S. Glynias

Cliff Godiner

Gene P. Graham

Loretta Haggard

George A. Hanson

Donna L. Harper

Charlie J. Harris Jr.

Kirk D. Holman

Jerry M. Hunter

Kimberly A. Jones 

Travis R. Kearbey  

E.E. Keenan 

Elaine D. Koch 

Patricia A. Konopka

David Lunceford 

Thomas O. McCarthy

Martin M. Meyers

Neal F. Perryman

Terry Potter

Vincent Reese

Charles E. Reis IV 

Trina R. Ricketts 

Russell C. Riggan 

Mary Anne Sedey

Jill A. Silverstein

Rik Siro

Harry W. Wellford Jr.

Ferne P. Wolf

The POWER List: Employment Law 2023

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