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Low Speed Automobile Accident Cases Can Bring High Returns
Posted by: MO Lawyers Media Staff on 1998-10-26
Although low speed auto accidents are often considered “second-class” cases by plaintiffs’ lawyers, a well prepared case can have surprisingly good results, say attorneys who have recently won six-figure verdicts or settlements. And good preparation usually means teaming up with experts to give the jury a lesson in elementary physics. Lawyers should use these experts…
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ERISA Retaliation Leads To $8.8 Million Judgement
Posted by: MO Lawyers Media Staff on 1998-08-17
Can employees who were beneficiaries of a deferred stock compensation plan sue under ERISA when they were fired in retaliation for trying to cash in their shares in the plan? A recent $8.8 million judgment in the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Missouri, indicates that the answer is yes. The owner of the company…
Category(s): Local,News
$1.4 Million Verdict For Hemophiliac AIDS Death
Posted by: MO Lawyers Media Staff on 1998-07-27
Can the mother of a 25-year-old hemophiliac, who died after contracting AIDS in 1983 from contaminated blood products, recover from the manufacturer — even though it was not even aware that the disease existed? A recent $1.4 million verdict in St. Louis Circuit court indicates that the answer is yes. The blood products, which were…
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1997 Informal Advisory Opinions
Posted by: MO Lawyers Media Staff on 1998-03-30
MO 3309865 Informal Advisory Opinions MAR 30, 1998 12 M.L.W. 326 1.95 1997 Informal Advisory Opinions QUESTION: Attorney is a Missouri attorney who resides in an adjacent state and is not licensed in the adjacent state. May Attorney use letterhead with Attorney’s name and showing Attorney’s home address? Would Attorney need to show on…
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Lawyers In the News
Posted by: MO Lawyers Media Staff on 1998-03-30
Lisa E. Douglass and Paul D. Link have joined the Springfield firm of Daniel, Clampett, Powell & Cunningham. Douglass obtained her R.N. degree in 1985 from St. Luke’s Hospital School of Nursing in St. Louis, her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Southwest Missouri State University in 1994, and her law degree from the University of…
Category(s): Lawyers In The News
Comp, Product Cases Among 4 Transferred to High Court
Posted by: MO Lawyers Media Staff on 1998-03-09
The Missouri Supreme Court has accepted transfer in four cases previously featured on the front page of Missouri Lawyers Weekly. The cases involve: the admissibility in a tort case of a settlement agreement with a co-defendant, the insolvency of a workers’ comp carrier, the “safety belt” rule in auto accident cases, and product liability issues….
Category(s): Local,News
‘Suzuki II’ Case Leads State’s Top Verdicts
Posted by: MO Lawyers Media Staff on 1998-01-12
The average of the top 20 Missouri verdicts and settlements in 1997 — $6.8 million — was almost $2 million lower than the average in 1996, and was the lowest since Missouri Lawyers Weekly began keeping statistics in 1993. This year’s highest verdict — $37 million in a retrial of the 1995 Suzuki Samurai “rollover”…
Category(s): Local,News
Judge Erases $160K Harassment Verdict
Posted by: MO Lawyers Media Staff on 1998-01-05
A Kansas City woman lost her $160,000 jury verdict in a sex harassment case after a federal district judge granted her employer’s motion for judgment as a matter of law. The woman, an assembly-line worker, had testified that she was forced to quit her job because of sexually suggestive remarks and physical contact from her…
Category(s): News
Informal Advisory Opinions
Posted by: MO Lawyers Media Staff on 1997-10-27
Informal advisory opinions are issued by the Chief Disciplinary Counsel under Rule 5.30. The Chief Disciplinary Counsel only issues opinions to attorneys for their own guidance involving an existing set of facts. Informal advisory opinions cannot be issued on hypotheticals or regarding the conduct of an attorney other than the one asking for the opinion….
Category(s): Local,News
Discrimination Cases Rare Money-Makers, Attorneys Say
Posted by: MO Lawyers Media Staff on 1997-08-04
To the Editor: Discrimination cases are rarely the money-makers that your July 21 article, “Non-Specialists Join In Discrimination Suit Boom,” suggests. These cases have a steep learning curve, often take more than two years to get to trial, require an enormous amount of research and discovery, and are frequently dismissed by the courts on summary…
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