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Supreme Court Takes Murder Case; Denies 38 Applications For Transfer
Posted by: MO Lawyers Media Staff on 1997-03-10
The Missouri Supreme Court granted one application for transfer on February 25, and denied the applications in 38 other cases. The case transferred is State v. Santillan, MLW No. 18203, in which the Eastern District affirmed a first degree murder conviction and sentence of life imprisonment. The Eastern District had rejected the defendant’s motion for…
Category(s): News
Lawyer Captures $1.8M In ‘Loser’ Falling Oak Case
Posted by: MO Lawyers Media Staff on 1997-02-24
By Keith R. Krueger When a large, living, oak tree fell on top of a young woman during a violent windstorm, paralyzing her, it first seemed to Clayton attorney Thomas M. Lang that it was a tragic, but unavoidable accident – an act of God for which there was no legal remedy. What Lang had…
Category(s): Local,News
Big Verdicts Grab Headlines – But Do They Pay Off?
Posted by: MO Lawyers Media Staff on 1997-01-27
By Keith R. Krueger Some winners of Missouri’s top jury verdicts are still waiting four years later for the payoff, according to a study conducted by Missouri Lawyers Weekly. The study, believed to be the first of its kind in Missouri, charts the course of top verdicts through any subsequent remittitur, appeal or out-of-court settlement….
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Settlements Top The List Of 1996’s Largest Recoveries
Posted by: MO Lawyers Media Staff on 1997-01-13
By Keith R. Krueger There was a dramatic increase in the number of top recoveries that were spawned by settlement rather than trial in 1996, a Missouri Lawyers Weekly study has shown. In 1995, only four of the top 20 plaintiffs’ recoveries reported came from settlements. Seven settlements made the top 20 in 1994. But…
Category(s): Local,News
Retiring Lawyer’s Last Case Breaks New P.I. Ground
Posted by: MO Lawyers Media Staff on 1996-12-16
After a bustling 44-year legal career representing “everyone from Black Panthers to business executives,” Kansas City attorney Sid Willens has gone out with a bang in what he calls “my last case.” He has obtained a million dollar settlement in a suit alleg- ing a therapist induced a false childhood memory from his client. And…
Category(s): Local,News
Three In Accident Lead To Verdicts Despite Drinking
Posted by: MO Lawyers Media Staff on 1996-11-11
Survivors Recover From State A high-speed left exit from I-70 that ended in instant death when the car sped through flashing red lights and crashed into a concrete abutment has led to three judgments against the State of Missouri totaling $450,000 for negligent highway design. All three occupants of the car had been drinking at…
Category(s): Local,News
Case Highlights Debate On Joint And Several Liability
Posted by: MO Lawyers Media Staff on 1996-11-04
Lawsuit ‘Never Would Have Been Filed’ Should Missouri’s joint and several liability statute be changed? Many defense attorneys in the state think so. They say it unfairly subjects parties with little or no fault to lawsuits by plaintiffs who are trying to get around an insolvent or financially strapped tortfeasor. Comparative fault makes the situation…
Category(s): Local,News
Bank Pays Customer $100K For ‘Causing’ Fraud Arrest
Posted by: MO Lawyers Media Staff on 1996-10-07
A bank must pay $100,000 to a customer who was arrested after a bank video camera erroneously indicated that he had passed a bad check. The bank’s video camera showed the plaintiff at a teller window at the same time as the teller’s transaction tape showed that someone had passed a forged check. Police viewed…
Category(s): Local,News
Verdict Director In Negligence Case To Be Presented To Supreme Court
Posted by: MO Lawyers Media Staff on 1996-09-23
Court Takes Four Cases On Transfer, 50 Declined The proper wording for a verdict director in a personal injury case will be at issue in a case transferred to the Missouri Supreme Court on September 17. The court will also decide what remedies the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations may seek when it tries…
Category(s): Local,News
Three-Lawyer Firm Rings Up 2 Monster Settlements
Posted by: MO Lawyers Media Staff on 1996-02-19
A three-lawyer firm in Overland Park, Kansas has rung up two of the largest settlements ever reported in Missouri Lawyers Weekly. The present value of the structured settlements in the two products liability cases totalled nearly $38 million. Both cases were settled within a few days after jury trials began in Jackson County Circuit Court…
Category(s): Local,News

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