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Defendant avoids most damage claims at trial
Posted by: David Baugher on 2019-08-07
A woman injured in a car accident won a modest award from jurors in Greene County who found the defendant 100 percent responsible but elected not to award punitive damages. “The jury came back with $10,000, which is what she owed in medical,” said defense attorney David A. Nester of Boggs, Avellino, Lach & Boggs….
Category(s): Verdicts & Settlements
Jury awards fraction of spurned pretrial offer in car-crash case
Posted by: Alan Scher Zagier on 2019-08-06
A Kansas City motorist who sued a teen driver after being struck from behind in a September 2016 collision got a mixed message from a Platte County jury — not to mention a much smaller payout than the $42,000 final pretrial settlement offer he rejected. After a five-day trial in March, the jury found defendant…
Category(s): Verdicts & Settlements
St. Louis County jury rejects claim for wrongful death
Posted by: Alan Scher Zagier on 2019-08-05
A St. Louis County jury has sided with a Bridgeton radiologist and the clinic where he worked in a wrongful-death lawsuit that alleged he failed to diagnose the ischemic colitis that led to a 59-year-old patient’s death in 2011. Hakim Aleem’s wife and son sued The Ernst Radiology Clinic at SSM DePaul Health Center and…
Category(s): Verdicts & Settlements
Inebriated driver settles with family injured in crash for $1.5M
Posted by: Alan Scher Zagier on 2019-07-31
A boy severely injured by an inebriated pickup-truck operator settled a suit against the driver and his insurer for a total of $1.35 million. The settlement was the largest of four connected to the crash on July 17, 2017 in Independence. Altogether, the settlements totaled more than $1.54 million. Owen Hernandez, who was 9 at…
Category(s): Verdicts & Settlements
Jury sides with injured St. Charles school bus driver
Posted by: Alan Scher Zagier on 2019-07-30
A 48-year-old school bus driver injured in a 2013 collision in St. Charles County was awarded $275,000 following a two-day jury trial. Kimberly Draper of St. Charles suffered a superior labral tear in her shoulder, from anterior to posterior (also known as a SLAP tear), after the empty yellow school bus collided with a 2010…
Category(s): Verdicts & Settlements
Jurors side with woman whose sepsis caused miscarriage
Posted by: David Baugher on 2019-07-29
St. Louis County jurors awarded nearly $1.36 million to a woman who alleged that she miscarried after doctors at a Fenton Hospital sent her home with a blood infection. “She had kidney stones, and she had an infection that went undiagnosed and untreated while she was at the hospital,” said plaintiff’s attorney Gregory Fenlon of…
Category(s): Verdicts & Settlements
Suburban St. Louis restaurant not liable for woman’s fall
Posted by: David Baugher on 2019-07-25
A patron who tripped at a suburban St. Louis restaurant came away from her day in court with a defense verdict. Defense attorney Chandler Atkins of Roberts Perryman said that plaintiff Janet Davis alleged that inadequately lit stairs were responsible for her accident at Syberg’s, a St. Louis County eatery known for its servings of…
Category(s): Verdicts & Settlements
Man settles for $3 million after fall from rented hydraulic lift
Posted by: Alan Scher Zagier on 2019-07-24
A Kansas City man who fell from a rented hydraulic lift onto his driveway while painting his home settled a personal injury lawsuit against a regional hardware store for $3 million. David W. Taylor, 64, sued Euston’s Hardware Inc.  in Clay County Circuit Court in October 2018 in regard to injuries he suffered following his…
Category(s): Verdicts & Settlements
Jury awards more than $880,000 to owners of fire-damaged cabin
Posted by: David Baugher on 2019-07-23
The owners of a Harrisonville log home have received an award of more than $880,000 to completely rebuild it in the wake of a fire even though less than 1 percent of the structure was damaged. The jury, however, declined to grant additional damages for vexatious refusal by the insurer. “It was a small fire,”…
Category(s): Verdicts & Settlements
Survivors settle for $2M after driver crushed by shifting truck load
Posted by: Scott Lauck on 2019-07-22
The family of a truck driver who was killed on the job settled with a shipping company for $2 million, according to the family’s attorneys. Kip Robertson of Bartimus Frickleton Robertson Rader said the driver was dispatched to the defendant’s shipping facility to pick up a load of heavy construction equipment, which was to be…
Category(s): Verdicts & Settlements

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