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About Us

Rich history

For more than 100 years, our business and legal publications have been serving Missouri professionals. We comprise Missouri’s largest and most expert legal news operation. We report on the business of law and the people’s business, in the form of enterprise coverage of the courts, politics, government, real estate and general business.

Our publications

Missouri Lawyers Media is composed of several newspapers: Missouri Lawyers Weekly; St. Louis Daily Record; The Daily Record, Kansas City; St. Charles County Business Record; The Countian, St. Louis; and The Countian, Jefferson County. Our website,, is updated daily and contains all the news and information lawyers rely on.

Startup Missouri provides information and insights for Missouri business startups, and Missouri In-House is a magazine focused on the world of corporate counsel.

Awards, events build strong reputation

Consistently winning state and national awards isn’t the only way we’ve build our strong reputation. We also bring members of the profession together at marquee events that shine a spotlight on deserving lawyers, judges and other members of the legal community.

Special sections and reports

As an added value, our special sections and reports – such as MOney, Billing Rates and Corporate Counsel Desk Book – are an invaluable resource for Missouri lawyers.

Verdicts and Settlements

The details available within Verdicts & Settlements will help you inform settlement discussions and learn more about a particular county, court, judge, expert or opposing counsel.


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Missouri Lawyers Media is a division of Bridgetower Media, publisher of law and business publications in multiple markets across the nation.