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Author Archives: Andrew Harris

Target hack victims may have U.S. to blame for coming up empty

Millions of Target Corp. customers whose credit card data and identifying information was stolen by hackers face the prospect the retailer owes them nothing for their ensuing troubles, and they may have the government to thank for it.

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NCAA’s concussion settlement draws judge’s skepticism

The National Collegiate Athletic Association’s bid for preliminary approval of its proposed $75 million plan to settle nationwide litigation over head injuries met with skepticism from a federal judge.

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Lawyers spar over gay-marriage in four-state debate

Prohibitions on gay marriage or recognizing them in four Midwest states may turn on whether may turn on whether opponents of same-sex unions convinced appeals court judges the bans are justified by the states’ interest in promoting heterosexual marriage and child-rearing.

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GM ignition suit lawyers drive for consolidation in California

General Motors Co. wants to return to a New York courtroom to fight at least 90 ignition-switch defect lawsuits while some car owners are driving for the cases to be heard by a California judge seasoned in auto litigation.

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Kentucky ordered to recognize out-of-state same-sex marriage

Kentucky must recognize same-sex marriages sanctioned by other states, a federal judge ruled, addressing a question that’s also before courts in Louisiana and Missouri and may reach the U.S. Supreme Court.

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U.S. fights terrorism lawyer’s access to secret papers

Federal prosecutors will fight a judge’s decision to let a defense lawyer see secret foreign intelligence papers that may have led to evidence against his client, the first such ruling in a U.S. terrorism case.

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