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Janet Robey Alonzo

In June, Janet Robey Alonzo will be on a safari in Tanzania with her husband and three grown children, but for now it’s business as usual at her Fenton office.

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UPDATE: Whitey Herzog called to jury duty this week

A man who’s used to teams of nine waited to be picked for one of 12 this week in St. Louis County Circuit Court. Former St. Louis Cardinals Manager Whitey Herzog was called to jury duty, and his presence in the courthouse has caused “just a little” attention, said Director of Judicial Administration Paul Fox.

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Disbarred lawyer still practicing, says OCDC

St. Louis County Circuit Court judges have been told to be on the lookout for a disbarred lawyer who’s still practicing, but the man in question says there’s nothing to look for. “I had been [practicing], and then I withdrew from whatever cases I was involved in,” said Timothy O’Sullivan.

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Under the baton

Conductor David Robertson leads the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra in a rehearsal of Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 10 on Thursday morning. Thompson Coburn sponsors this weekend’s concert, which also includes Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No. 1.

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Woman attacked after stopping shoplifter awarded $525,000

Erica Whitley, now 22, was a clerk at Claire’s in 2009, when she observed Paris Wells shoplift a necklace, Passanante said. The necklace had a retail value of $8.50. Wells allegedly tried to bribe Whitley with $100 in exchange for her not calling the police, Passanante said, but Whitley refused, and Wells was arrested and ticketed for shoplifting. The next day Whitley was beat up at work by a man and a woman later identified as Paris Wells’ father, Mark Wells, and Dovie Boswell.

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Fight for piece of Pi settles

A man who sought a piece of Pi has reached a confidential settlement with the restaurant.

Ryan Mangialardo sued the management company of the St. Louis-based pizzeria and owners Chris Sommers and Frank Uible for breach of contract, claiming they reneged on an agreement giving him a 2 percent interest in the company.

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