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Author Archives: Craig Torres

Yellen expands Fed full-employment definition as disparity grows

In her first 100 days, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen has emphasized the central bank’s full-employment goal, stressing the need for progress on the broadest measures of joblessness, including the number of people out of work long-term and those who can find only part-time positions.

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Bernanke may need to ramp up Fed’s asset purchases

Chairman Ben S. Bernanke and Federal Reserve policymakers may have to ramp up their purchases of mortgage securities and other assets after the economy and job market deteriorated further since they last met. The Federal Open Market Committee, which gathered ...

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Fed wants ‘comprehensive’ plan to cleanse banks of bad assets

The Federal Reserve’s top two officials urged a new effort to address the toxic assets held by financial companies, warning that they threaten to prevent banks from resuming lending to households and companies. Chairman Ben S. Bernanke and Vice Chairman ...

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Fed focuses on consumer, corporate loan rate spreads

Federal Reserve officials are focused on driving down the spreads between U.S. Treasury yields and consumer and corporate loans, after cutting the main interest rate to almost zero failed to revive lending. Credit costs for households and businesses haven’t followed ...

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