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Author Archives: Dana Rieck

WJA 2020: Carley Johansson, University of Missouri School of Law

When Carley Johansson enrolled as an undergraduate at the University of Missouri, she intended to become a doctor. Once she faced the challenges of organic chemistry, however, her career path took a different direction. Johansson switched her major to women ...

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WJA 2020: Denise L. Childress, Childress Legal

Denise Childress’ clients have an interesting, if fictional, person to thank for piquing her interest in becoming an attorney: Nancy Drew. The books featuring the teenage sleuth weren’t the only mystery series she read as a child, but the genre ...

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WJA 2020: Cynthia Garnholz, Garnholz | Sparks Family Lawyers

When Cynthia Garnholz was a child, she watched her father practice law and determined she never wanted to try it herself. “Based on my observation of some of his practice, at least from the perspective of a child, I thought ...

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WJA 2020: Laura H. Kriebs, Kriebs Law Firm

Laura Kriebs earned an undergraduate degree in psychology with a desire to become a psychologist. When she discovered that field was oversaturated, however, she enrolled at the University of Missouri School of Law.

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WJA 2020: Victoria L. Smith, Stinson

Vicki Smith had been away from school for a few years when she decided to enroll in the University of Missouri School of Law. At first, she didn’t know how her legal career might unfold.

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WJA 2020: Aimee Riederer Gromowsky, Aimee the Attorney

Aimee Gromowsky began her career as a social worker before deciding that, as a lawyer, she could help people in a more empowered way. “I was a social worker for four years and felt like I couldn’t do enough for ...

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