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Author Archives: Ed Mayuga

You should know to ask for a referral

The other day, I was at a stoplight and over to my right, I noticed a service van that had these words written on it “A referral is the best compliment that you can give us for good service.”  So ...

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Five steps to building an online presence

I am often asked how I keep up with online marketing for our company when social media can be so engrossing, and some would even say it is a “time waster,” and while I make a living at communicating online ...

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Share your knowledge, share your slides

Before I was an entrepreneur, I spent over 15 years in corporate America, and in that time I have probably seen more than 1,000 PowerPoint presentations. I will admit that for many of those slideshows, my eyes glazed over after ...

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Sales prospecting for the solo practitioner

Whether you are an attorney who has set up shop after leaving a large firm, or a new business owner, you know that you need a certain amount of cash flow in order to have a viable business and follow ...

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Are you accountable for your company’s success?

Whether you are the owner, CEO, or entry-level person, you are directly responsible for the success of your company.  Impressions made with customers, clients and colleagues have lasting impressions. How is the “economy” of your firm or business?  These hard ...

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