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Author Archives: Kimberly Atkins

Justices take dim view of recess appointments

The U.S. Supreme Court has cast serious doubt on President Barack Obama’s constitutional authority to install three members on the National Labor Relations Board without Senate approval in 2012.

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Union pact case goes bust at the Supreme Court

The case of Unite Here Local 355 v. Mulhall, No. 12-99, ended not with a decision impacting the way unions and employers — particularly those in the hospitality industry — deal with one another, but rather with a dismissal that leaves in place a circuit split.

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Case questions status of ‘aged-out’ child applicants

At oral arguments Tuesday, the U.S. Supreme Court scrutinized the language of federal immigration statutes to determine whether a visa applicant’s child who ages out of automatic eligibility while waiting in the queue for available visas must go to the back of the line.

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Angry pilot case gives rise to defamation immunity claim

In a case that pits First Amendment defamation principles against statutory immunity rules, the U.S. Supreme Court will address whether an airline can face liability for reporting that a plane passenger — one of the airline’s own pilots ­— might be armed and mentally unstable.

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