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Author Archives: Mark Levison

Commentary: How to get a billboard without paying for it

I was driving to work on a typical Friday morning when my good friend, Bob Wallace, formerly executive vice president and general counsel of the St. Louis Rams, called. Bob wryly asked who I had ticked off this time. Given my profession, I told him there was a never ending line of suspects and asked him why.

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Commentary: To be or not to be … a lawyer

It seems like only yesterday I was filling out applications for law schools. Being a lawyer didn’t strike me as being that important. In fact, I was considering getting a Ph.D. However, the law school applications took so long to fill out, and having been admitted, it seemed like I might as well just go to law school, so I scrapped the Ph.D. idea.

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Commentary: Life, voyages and the return to Guatemala

After taking the summer bar exam, I started packing. I had previously told my wife that I wanted to spend six months or so traveling in Central and South America after law school.

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