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Author Archives: Nora Lockwood Toher

Settlement sessions helped by high-tech, too

Tech-savvy attorneys are using technology to speed settlement talks and mediation sessions. Many attorneys come to trial with flashy PowerPoint presentations and attention-grabbing graphics. But the same attorneys often sit down at alternative dispute resolution sessions with only pens and ...

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Landing the big client

With corporate in-house counsel under the gun to cut costs, now is the best time in decades for small law firms to win big clients. But firms have to be savvy and opportunistic in their efforts. In the past, small firms were limited in their ability to conduct large amounts of discovery. But thanks to advances in digital discovery and the acceptance of legal outsourcing, even small firms can handle discovery for large clients. Small firms can also take advantage of low-cost human resources options, such as "virtual assistants" to answer phones.

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Lawsuits target cable television industry

Plaintiffs’ lawyers are accusing the cable television industry of violating anti-trust laws by forcing customers to rent cable boxes from them. Cable subscribers who want to access premium channels are required to lease the so-called set-top boxes from the cable ...

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Trade Secrets

Randi McGinn was the first lawyer to use a PowerPoint presentation in a New Mexico courtroom. That was 13 years ago. Since then, she’s used PowerPoint presentations, along with a range of other visual aids, to help tell her clients’ ...

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Tweeters blow up over blogger’s barbs

Legal marketing guru Larry Bodine has ignited an online tempest with his criticism of Twitter, the popular social networking site. In an article on his blog, Bodine, a Chicago-based legal marketing consultant, stated that Twitter is “not effective for law ...

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