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Author Archives: Scott Forsyth

East Rochester’s ‘ex post facto’ law

Earlier this year, to much hoopla, the village board of East Rochester, N.Y., took a stand against sex offenders. To “protect the health, safety and well-being of the children” of East Rochester, the board decided to regulate “the movement of ...

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We face greater challenges than begging

“Brother, can you spare a dollar?” All of us have been so solicited. As more people lose their jobs and are dispossessed, we will hear the plea more and more. Sometimes such pleas occur at an exit off of an ...

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U.S. Supreme Court to make ruling on searching students

You be the judge: School officials strip search Savanna, a 13-year-old girl, believing she possesses prescription-strength ibuprofen in violation of the school’s zero tolerance policy on drugs. Officials’ only evidence is the uncorroborated accusation of a classmate who was caught ...

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