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Author Archives: Teri Saylor

2022 Up & Coming Awards: Joseph T. Neely, 37

A former FBI special agent who once worked counterterrorism violations, Joe Neely has turned his focus to litigation, internal investigations and insurance defense out of a desire to help people who could not always help themselves.

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2022 Up & Coming Awards: Andy Murrie, 41

Andy Murrie is an avid marathon runner who completes two or three marathons a year, including the storied Boston Marathon, and he considers the sport a great outlet.

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2022 Up & Coming Awards: Joe McGroder, 33

Joe McGroder is a young attorney, but he is seasoned enough to have learned a few lessons to pass along to other up-and-comers in the profession.

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2022 Up & Coming Awards: Colin McClain, 37

During Colin McClain’s growing up years, his parents made such a great impression on him, he was determined to walk in their footsteps, no matter which path he chose.

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