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Author Archives: Will Connaghan

Decade’s largest jury verdict sent message ‘to the world’

In 2002, jurors in Jackson County awarded $2.2 billion to a cancer patient who was given diluted chemotherapy drugs by pharmacist Robert Courtney. The jurors said they wanted to "send a message out to the world."

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Out-state counties produce largest defense verdicts, too

Big city plaintiffs lawyers often complain about traveling to rural circuit courts to try cases because of the perceived conservative nature of juries. While a number of large plaintiff awards are on this year's plaintiff lists, there are also some big rural defense wins on the list below.

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Getting a settlement when there is no one to sue

Auto collision lawsuits are tough enough to handle when you have a defendant to sue for negligence. But when the offending driver leaves the scene of an accident without being identified, it becomes even tougher to convince your insurer the ...

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