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Commentary: 7 steps to a relentlessly polite witness

Whatever the tone of the questioner or the questions, the witness’s response should always be the same: coolly, unflappably, relentlessly — even infuriatingly — polite and positive.

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Commentary: Climate-change skeptics have free-speech rights

Close cases should go to the critic, no matter how nasty or uninformed. The preservation of robust dissent allows no other result, and robust dissent is at the heart of what it means to be America.

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Commentary: Sentencing for child pornography in federal court

In imposing sentence in federal court, a judge must consider four factors: to reflect the seriousness of the offense, promote respect for the law and provide just punishment for the offense; deterrence; to protect the public from further crimes by the defendant; and to provide the defendant with needed education or training or other correctional treatment.

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