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Commentary: As profession evolves, so do a lawyer’s duties

The life of an attorney is filled with duties, responsibilities and obligations that balance the pleasures and challenges of legal practice. The issue is one of professional responsibility, and the potential penalty for failing to meet it is disciplinary action.

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Commentary: Is someone’s abortion someone else’s free speech?

The justices have to decide whether Massachusetts may block anyone from gathering within a 35-foot “buffer zone” outside abortion clinics. If the regulation is found “content-neutral” and narrowly tailored to protect the exercise of the constitutional right to abortion, it will survive. If not, an increasingly pro-free-speech court may strike it down.

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Commentary: Super memories of legal camaraderie

We have all, in our own way, learned to practice law. All of us in varying degrees have become indebted to those who we picked up along the way as mentors and friends.

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Commentary: Balancing wellness programs and employee privacy

Employee privacy should be one of the first topics discussed when considering wellness offerings. This is because the most purposeful programs ask employees to share information that is so personal they may not even tell their spouse, like their weight and their body mass index.

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Commentary: Consider hiring help for Web strategy

At year’s end, many lawyers’ thoughts turn lightly to ... budgeting. For some, a new marketing plan may be the key to bringing in more money to work with.

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Commentary: Simpler rules won’t necessarily make banks safer

The complexity of bank capital requirements has made them vulnerable to manipulation. In the rush to embrace simplicity, however, policymakers could inadvertently make safe investments unattractive for banks.

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