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a gavel sitting atop an open book with the scales of justice blurred in the background
Oct 4, 2022

Commentary: Federal judge sets stage for insurers to omit PrEP coverage

A federal judge in Texas recently issued an order that likely will make it harder for individuals to obtain PrEP. See Braidwood Mgmt. v. Becerra, No. 4:20cv00283 (N.D. Tx. Sept. 7, 2022).

wood big open cupboard; 3d illustration
Sep 28, 2022

Commentary: I keep confidential documents in a chifferobe, behind the hat rack.

While we don’t like to talk about it, all lawyers get fired by a client if they practice long enough, just like catching bar complaints and losing trials.

U.S. Supreme Court building
Sep 15, 2022

Commentary: Overrule of Roe v. Wade prefigured by Supreme Court land use decision

Whatever you think of the result in the recent Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the breathtaking changes wrought by the current United States Supreme Court in that case could have been anticipated by the decision in a land use case three years ago.

court gavel on $100 bills
Sep 8, 2022

Commentary: Inflation Reduction Act to greatly increase IRS funding

For most taxpayers, the enforcement and operations funding is likely to most affect how they interact with the IRS in the future.

Spencer Farris
Sep 1, 2022

Commentary: It’s Not That Bad, Really

I recently read an article about becoming lucky. It was a fake headline – you can't become more lucky.

Close up of several volumes of law books of codes and statutes on consumer protection
Aug 24, 2022

Commentary: 10 things lawyers should know (but don’t) about parliamentary procedure

Lawyers get pulled into meetings issues all the time, whether for clients or personally.

Gavel and Books
Aug 17, 2022

Commentary: CMS says that EMTALA overrides state law in pregnancy emergencies

Federal stabilization requirements may require treatment otherwise prohibited by state abortion laws. 

Aug 11, 2022

Commentary: Employment considerations for long term care facilities

The Biden-Harris Administration has taken steps to establish new minimum staffing ratios within nursing or skilled nursing facilities.

Aug 4, 2022

Commentary: Putting the Temper back in Temperature

It is hot. My gift for stating the obvious is often mentioned, but it is impossible to overstate how hot it is.

new house with solar panels on its roof
Jul 27, 2022

Commentary: Let the sun shine: New law a boon to clean energy

Missouri law is about to change to provide more property rights to homeowners and to provide greater opportunities for energy independence. But, if you practice in the field of real estate, it may require some preparation in advance.

Gavel, legal image
Jul 21, 2022

The closing argument – a perspective

The purpose of the closing argument is to incite jurors or a judge to render the decision you request.

U.S. Supreme Court building
Jul 20, 2022

Commentary: 340B Medicare reimbursement cuts ruled unlawful by Supreme Court

On June 15, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of the American Hospital Association and against the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), holding that the 2018 and 2019 Medicare reimbursement cuts for 340B hospitals were unlawful.

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