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Court says retired officer’s benefits reduced too much

Missouri Court of Appeals Western District

An appeals court affirmed a ruling for a retired Kansas City police officer whose disability payments cut into her retirement benefits, agreeing that the police department’s retirement system shouldn’t have included an award of attorney’s fee and costs in the amount of the offset.

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Supreme Court to consider call to overrule Watts case

Missouri Supreme Court

Earlier this year, the Missouri Supreme Court ruled that state lawmakers could pass laws to set limits on causes of action that once were part of the common law. Now the court is preparing to hear a case that could mean legislators don’t have to do even that much.

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Billing Rates 2021: Fee awards few and far between during pandemic

MO Billing Rates 2021 image

This year’s edition of Billing Rates has been a long time coming. The numbers show that things still aren’t quite back to normal. Even with two years’ worth of data in this year’s edition, we found rates for just 182 Missouri-based attorneys — 15 percent fewer than in 2019, which covered one year.

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The POWER List: Bankruptcy Law 2021

In this latest edition of THE POWER LIST, a regular feature from Missouri Lawyers Media, we examine the most powerful attorneys in bankruptcy law.

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In ‘war for talent,’ firms shake up hiring practices 

Prospective hires currently have the upper hand when searching for the right law firm to practice. As coastal law firms poach associates and partners in the Midwest, some Missouri law firms are offering higher pay and other benefits to even the playing field. 

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Kevin Strickland exonerated after 43 years in prison

Kevin Strickland

By the standards of normal litigation, Kevin Strickland’s exoneration moved with lightning speed through the courts, even if it was agonizingly slow for its beneficiary.

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St. Louis legal organizations receive federal grant money

Since Nov. 2, three St. Louis organizations that connect people with legal support are among the 25 nonprofits in and around St. Louis that are benefiting from a $26.1 million U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) grant.

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Full 8th Circuit to review reform of probation for juvenile lifers

The full 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has agreed to reconsider a court-ordered reform of Missouri’s parole review process for inmates sentenced to life without parole for crimes they committed as juveniles.

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