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Michael Brown’s mom’s book recalls death, life

The book chronicles her life growing up in tough St. Louis neighborhoods, her experiences raising Brown, the devastation his shooting brought, and her push to honor his memory. Brown's death became a catalyst in the national Black Lives Matter movement.

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Supreme Court to hear challenge from removed candidate

The Missouri Supreme Court has agreed to hear a challenge from a would-be candidate for the Missouri House who was kicked off the ballot because she only recently registered to vote.

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Ferguson seeking to replace city prosecutor

Ferguson is seeking to replace a city prosecutor who was criticized by the federal investigation of the St. Louis suburb’s justice system after the 2014 police shooting death of Michael Brown. The city posted on its website Tuesday an advertisement ...

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Federal insurers still can’t collect liens in Missouri

The Missouri Supreme Court on Tuesday said once again that Missouri law does not allow insurers to claim portions of their beneficiaries’ personal injury settlements — despite what a federal agency says.

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Suit over extra fee in municipal courts thrown out

Western District

The Missouri Court of Appeals Western District said the group of city officials who filed the suit don’t have standing to challenge the fee. However, the court suggested in a footnote that a class action lawsuit by litigants who have paid the fee might not face that problem.

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Another high dollar verdict against Johnson & Johnson

A St. Louis jury on Monday awarded a woman $55 million in her case against Johnson & Johnson that claimed her ovarian cancer was linked to the company’s talcum powder products, including baby powder.

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Impact may be limited for jury names

An order for the release of names of grand jury witnesses in the Michael Brown case may seem like it would have a wide reaching effect on other grand jury cases, but legal experts say its impact is probably limited.

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Precedent rules in wrongful death case

Missouri Supreme Court

Four years ago, when the Missouri Supreme Court threw out caps on noneconomic damages in medical malpractice cases by overturning a 20-year-old case to the contrary, Judge Mary R. Russell made an unsuccessful plea for the court to respect precedent. ...

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