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Letters To The Editor

Commentary: The Baby is Coming

Patrick Berry

My wife, Laura, and I are officially on “baby watch.” As of the time of this writing, Laura is 38 weeks pregnant, and according to her doctors — and everyone I’ve come into contact with in the past couple of weeks — our baby girl could come “at any moment.”

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Commentary: Arbitration in family law cases

Cary J. Mogerman

The pandemic has placed great pressure on many court dockets, and the family courts are not “immune” to these challenges. Since April, the COVID-19 health crisis has wreaked havoc on hearing dates as the courts carefully balance the work of hearing cases with the important responsibility of protecting court personnel and the general public from infection.

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Commentary: Pocket full of Kryptonite

Spencer Farris

Gentle reader: I do not often use this space to brag, so I hope you will indulge me. I don’t think I am an extraordinary man — I put my tights on one leg at a time before my cape, just like my peers. But on a recent Sunday, The New York Times made me think differently about myself.

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Commentary: The uncompared life 


It was December 2010. The years already had passed. I was no longer the young avenger in the courtrooms or client boardrooms I frequented. I was older than the majority of attorneys I would run into in the courthouse. I had more years under my belt than those sitting across the closing tables from me.

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