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Judge: Consider This an Option

Levison, Mark

When last month when I put pen to paper — or I guess these days it should be characterized as voice-to-iPhone dictation app — I suggested the judiciary ought to be allocated a portion of the blame for our current ...

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NCAA Madness: And we ain’t talking brackets

1201kramer1:  Attorney Charles Kramer.  KAREN ELSHOUT/photo

As NCAA college basketball programs, fantasy sports websites, casinos and gamblers worldwide prepared for the college basketball tournament that began in March, a different madness bombarded the consciousness of many, in the form of indictments, sentencing and the details of ...

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What is an Old Pirate to Do?

1201farris1:  Attorney Spencer Farris.  KAREN ELSHOUT/photo

I’ve keep running into pirate symbols lately. Trial lawyers have a lot in common with pirates, as I’ve written in this space before. Pirates came up with a system of workers’ compensation long before it was popular elsewhere. They always ...

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