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That is why they play the games

1201farris1:  Attorney Spencer Farris.  KAREN ELSHOUT/photo

Sports metaphors are popular in trial law. In part because trial lawyers see themselves as gladiators, and that means there is a winner in most every contest. In part, because of misogyny in a profession that has been dominated by ...

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All different sorts of trials

Levison, Mark

At 9 on Friday evening the jury came in after four hours of deliberating on the three-week trial. The results for my client were less than stellar. There was a lot of money involved. There were large legal fees and ...

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Power over hate speech comes by ignoring it

0406schock2:  Attorney W. Bevis Schock in his office in Clayton where he proudly displays the Revolutionary Flag replica "Don't Tread on Me".  KAREN ELSHOUT/photo

In opposition to Andrew Blackwell’s Aug. 28 commentary, “It’s time to reconsider protection for hate speech,” I offer two alternative responses and then a brief commentary. Alternative response number one Mr. Blackwell argues that we should reconsider the “clear and ...

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Rhyme and Reason

1201kramer1:  Attorney Charles Kramer.  KAREN ELSHOUT/photo

A man walked into the courtroom A major case to try Despite an ironclad contract His customer refused to buy   His lawyer warned him however That nothing is ever sure But the seller was still confident Cuz he’d given ...

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