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Letters To The Editor

Let’s Keep Our Good Judges

To The Editor: Missouri’s judiciary is well-recognized nationally as a leader. One of the many reasons is that our state’s judges are selected under the Missouri Nonpartisan Court Plan. The plan is the least political way of providing our courts ...

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Is now the time?

The system. It is a phrase used by many, in the law and in daily life. One particular and important system is a basic, primordial concept underlying our lawyerly endeavors and government. It is has long been a key to ...

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Going, Going … Almost Gone

Mark Levison

Some lawyers think they get their best ideas when they’re drinking. I recall a night some months ago when law school friends Dick Slickster, plaintiffs’ lawyer extraordinaire, Cal Polo, the elite silk-stocking lawyer, and I were drinking Irish whiskey. I ...

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To avoid conflicts of interest, vigilance is key

Even experienced and well-meaning attorneys can suddenly find themselves in representations that present conflicts of interests. Vigilance and a game plan are key to preventing these conflicts from becoming a bar disciplinary action or a malpractice claim. In a recent ...

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Why not to vote for a woman

I’ve borrowed the name for this column. It’s been 30 years since I first used the title and 10 since I revisited the issue, so I figure it’s okay. You see, back in May 1988, when I was an ambitious, ...

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