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'Dual Capacity' Doctrine Rejected

Work Comp Bars Products Action Against Employer The survivors of a worker who died after he fell into a vat of scalding water are limited to workers’ compensation benefits, says the Court of Appeals’ Western District. This is so even ...

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Supreme Court Transfers

$1.5 Million Verdict Will Hinge On Jury Instruction Whether a trial court may reject an affirmative defense instruction because it fails to include an “additional instruction” about the burden of proof is the question presented in one of the two ...

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WordPerfect Supplemental Dictionary

One of the useful though little-known features of WordPerfect for DOS Version 6.0 (b and c) involves the Supplemental Dictionary, a part of the Speller function. This allows you to use abbreviations when you are typing text in a document. ...

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Some Help Valuing Ruptured Disk Cases

What’s a ruptured disk worth in the personal injury marketplace? We searched our 1994-95 database of verdicts and settlements to try to find an answer. Of 17 reported cases involving ruptured or herniated discs, five were defense verdicts. That left ...

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