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Image of a scale of justice on a table in the foreground with two long rows of chairs facing a long, rectangular table in the background. The entire image has a heavy blue tint to it.
Jul 10, 2023

Judge refuses to put hold on order limiting Biden administration contact with social media companies

The judge's order came from a lawsuit filed by Republican attorneys general in Missouri and Louisiana claiming the Biden administration censored free speech by pressuring companies to remove what it deemed misinformation on COVID-19 and other topics.

Judges chair in court room, gavel
Jul 10, 2023

22nd Circuit Commission seeks applicants for judicial vacancy

Applications are being accepted for an associate circuit judge vacancy in the City of St. Louis created by the appointment of Judge Lynn Perkins to the circuit bench.

wooden gavel and books on wooden table,on brown background
Jul 10, 2023

Jury finds shopping center mostly at fault for trip on curb

A Jefferson County jury found that a shopping center bears the bulk of the liability damages for a woman who tripped over a curb.

A judge's gavel resting atop several open books with a spotlight on the gavel and block
Jul 7, 2023

Mississippi justices hear arguments over appointed vs. elected judges in majority-Black capital

The Mississippi Supreme Court is weighing arguments about a state law that has sparked a monthslong dispute over whether white state officials are stomping on local self-governance in the state’s majority-Black capital city, Jackson.

Symbol of law and justice in the empty courtroom, law and justice concept.
Jul 7, 2023

Jurors side with man fired after work comp claim

A district service manager fired in the wake of back troubles won nearly $6.5 million from a St. Louis County jury.

judges gavel on a pile of law books
Jul 6, 2023

Judge’s order limits government contact with social media operators, raises disinformation questions

An order by a federal judge in Louisiana has ignited a high-stakes legal battle over how the government is allowed to interact with social media platforms, raising broad questions about whether — and how — officials can fight what they deem misinformation on health or other matters.

Eric Schmitt speaks into a microphone while gesturing with his right hand
Jul 5, 2023

Judge limits Biden administration in working with social media companies

A judge on Tuesday prohibited several federal agencies and officials of the Biden administration from working with social media companies about “protected speech,” a decision called “a blow to censorship” by Eric Schmitt, whose lawsuit prompted the ruling.

Lin Wood, wearing a red hat with the words "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN" holds a microphone and gestures with his right hand
Jul 5, 2023

Attorney who challenged Trump’s 2020 loss gives up law license as states weigh disciplining him

Attorney Lin Wood, who filed legal challenges seeking to overturn Donald Trump’s 2020 election loss, is relinquishing his law license, electing to retire from practicing rather than face possible disbarment.

A close-up of a gavel and block sitting atop an open book
Jul 5, 2023

Woman settles with distracted driver after highway crash

A woman who was severely injured when a distracted driver rear-ended her at highway speed reached a $1.25 million settlement, according to her attorneys.

legal gavel on a law book
Jul 5, 2023

Hyde joins Public Defender’s Office

Trial attorney Maria Hyde has joined the Missouri Public Defender’s Office as Assistant Public Defender II.

Law cases and law books on a shelf
Jul 5, 2023

Shook turns prisoner’s rights case proceeds into pro bono civil rights practice expansion

Shook, Hardy & Bacon is dedicating much of its fee award from a 2022 high-profile St. Louis prisoner’s rights case toward expanding the firm’s pro bono civil rights and racial justice efforts.

A judge's gavel resting atop several open books with a spotlight on the gavel and block
Jul 3, 2023

Activists spurred by affirmative action ruling challenge legacy admissions at Harvard

A civil rights group is challenging legacy admissions at Harvard University, saying the practice discriminates against students of color by giving an unfair boost to the mostly white children of alumni.

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