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8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals

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Contracts: Royalty Interest-Overpayments-Fee-Shifting Provision

  Where plaintiff corporation sought to recover overpayments arising from a royalty interest paid in connection with a settlement agreement to the defendant, the court already had rejected the defendant’s lack-of-standing claim, and there was no dispute as to the ...

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Contracts: Prescription Drug Benefit Plan-Arbitration Agreement -Class Action

Defendants appealed from the district court’s grant of summary judgment to plaintiff in the parties’ dispute involving their prescription drug benefit plan agreements, with plaintiff having filed suit to block defendants’ demand for class arbitration. The district court ruled that ...

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Civil Rights: Inmate Action-Nosebleeds-Deliberate Indifference

Where an inmate brought a deliberate-indifference claim against a doctor, the district court properly found that even if the inmate’s nasal problems, including nosebleeds, qualified as objectively serious medical needs, the record did not show that the doctor was deliberately ...

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Insurance: Loss Coverage-‘Building Decay’-Cave Storage Facility

Where the primary insurer for the operator of an underground limestone-cave storage facility sought a declaration that losses related to collapses of the cave’s roof were not covered under the relevant policy, the cause of the losses was not “building ...

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Criminal Law: Sentencing-Enhancements-Sufficiency of Evidence

Where a defendant challenged his sentence in a felon-in-possession case, the evidence was insufficient to show a connection between ammunition and marijuana for a sentencing enhancement, but any error was harmless because the district court stated that it would sentence ...

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Criminal Law: Sentencing-Enhancements

Where a defendant challenged his sentence in a child-pornography case, the district court did not err in applying an enhancement for sadistic content or for use of a computer to communicate with a minor, so the judgment is affirmed. Judgment ...

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Criminal Law: Traffic Stop-Motion To Suppress

Where a defendant challenged the denial of his motion to suppress evidence in a felon-in-possession case, any mistake of law made by the arresting officer was objectively reasonable, so the traffic stop was lawful, and the judgment is affirmed. Judgment ...

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Criminal Law: Possession of Child Obscenity-Unconstitutionally Overbroad and Vague-First Amendment

Defendant was convicted of possession of child obscenity after police discovered in defendant’s home drawings appearing to depict minors engaging in sexual acts with adults who appeared to be their parents. On appeal, defendant challenged his conviction, arguing that the ...

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Criminal Law: Motion for New Trial-Request for Documents-Newly Discovered Evidence

Defendant appealed from the denial of his motion for a new trial and his request for copies of documents. Where the district court committed no abuse of discretion to deny defendant’s request for a new trial and for copies of ...

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