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Court of Appeals, Eastern District

Missouri Court of Appeals Eastern District: Real property

Special assessments; equitable relief   ED90864 Lake Wauwanoka Inc., Respondent, v. John Anton, et al., Appellants Appeal From: Jefferson County Circuit Court, Judge Mark T. Stoll Handdown Date: 1/27/2009 Opinion Author: Judge Kenneth M. Romines Opinion Vote: Judges Baker and ...

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Domestic Relations: Parental Rights – Termination – Abuse And Neglect

Where a mother could not provide a plausible explanation for life-threatening injuries suffered by one of her children while in the care of her boyfriend with whom the mother continued a relationship even after her children were taken into custody ...

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Real Property: Special Assessments – Equitable Relief – Authority

Where homeowners appealed a judgment ordering them to pay their shares of a special assessment passed by their subdivision, the trial court had authority to grant the equitable relief as necessary for preserving the common property and the assessment was ...

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Real Property: Partition Action – Joint Tenancy – Attorney’s Fees

Where a trial court ordered a partition sale of property that was found to be owned by the parties as joint tenants with a right of survivorship, the judgment was supported by substantial evidence, but the trial court erred in ...

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Real Property: Fraudulent Misrepresentation – Injurious Falsehood – Property Redevelopment

Where property owners brought claims of fraudulent misrepresentation, negligent misrepresentation, injurious falsehood and negligence against real estate developers based on allegations that they were damaged by the defendant’s representations about redevelopment and the defendant’s failure to redevelop the property, the ...

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Employer – Employee: Wrongful Termination – Public Policy Exception – Punitive Damages

(1)Where an employee claimed wrongful termination under the public policy exception, the trial court erred and misdirected the jury by failing to give an instruction that required the jury to find that the plaintiff’s communication with government investigators was the ...

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