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Civil: Contracts

CC Disposal, Inc., a Corporation, v. Veolia ES Valley View Landfill, Inc., an Illinois Corporation, d/b/a Macon County Landfill, (Knecht, J.), (Knecht, J., Steigmann, J. and Pope, J. on panel), (Steigmann, J. and Pope, J. concur)

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Civil Procedure: Torts – False Name

Rogasciano Santiago, a/k/a Juan Ortiz, v. E.W. Bliss Company, Triad Controls, Inc., Herion USA, Inc., Unique Machine Repair, Kamco Controls, and Ross Controls, (Connors, J.), (Connors, J. Cunningham, J. and Karnezis, J. on panel), (Karnezis, J. and Cunningham, J. concur)

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Torts: Administrative – Privacy – Civil Rights

Jacqueline Cooney, Emma Martin, Michele Harden, Gwendolyn Jones, Karen Soprych, Thomas Balek, Robert Giancarlo and Eulett Cox, on behalf of Themselves and All Others Similarly Situated v. Chicago Public Schools; The Board of Education of the City of Chicago; and All Printing and Graphics, Inc., Jan Morgan-Wulf Allison Padelford and Paul Rieger et al., and on Behalf of All Persons and Entities Similarly Situated v., The Board of Education of the City of Chicago and All Printing and Graphics Inc., (Cahill, J.), (Cahill, J. Garcia, J. and Gordon, J. on panel), (Gordon, J. dissents), (Garcia, J. concurs)

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