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Missouri Supreme Court

Administrative: Sales Tax Refund-New Vehicle Purchase

Where the administrative hearing commission found that car buyers were entitled to a sales tax refund resulting from credit for four vehicles sold within 180 days of purchasing a new vehicle, the judgment is reversed because the statute only allows ...

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Employment Law: Discrimination and Retaliation-Consideration for Arbitration Agreement

Where plaintiff employees failed to challenge the delegation provision of the parties’ arbitration agreements, the circuit court properly sustained defendant employer’s motion to compel arbitration on the threshold question of whether adequate consideration existed to support the parties’ arbitration agreement; ...

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Criminal Law: Revocation of Probation-Multiple New Terms of Probation

Where circuit court had revoked offender’s second probationary term, it lacked authority to impose a third term and should have either extended the officer’s second term or executed his prison sentence. Had the offender’s case not been mooted, the court ...

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Criminal Law: Revocation of Probation-Completion of Institutional Treatment Program

Where an offender completed and was released from a institutional treatment program, the circuit court erred by imposing a new probationary term and was authorized only to continue an existing term of probation, unless the circuit court had affirmatively manifested ...

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Criminal Law: Post-Conviction Relief-Effectiveness Of Counsel-Juror Bias

  Where a defendant in a first-degree murder case argued that his trial counsel were ineffective for failing to question a juror who said that he was a published author and whose book, which was briefly shared with other jurors, ...

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Criminal Law: Jury Instructions-Sudden Passion-Closing Arguments

  (1)Where defendant challenged his convictions for first-degree and second-degree murder, the trial court erred by refusing to submit a proposed instruction that instructed on the lesser-included offenses of second-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter because there was sufficient evidence from ...

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