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Missouri Supreme Court

Criminal Law :  Jury Instruction – Self Defense  –   Lesser-Included Offense

State v. Clay (MLW No. 71116/Case No. SC96016 – 17 pages) (Supreme Court of Missouri, Breckenridge, J.; Fischer, C.J., Draper, Wilson, Russell and Stith, JJ., concur. Powell, J., not participating)

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Domestic Relations :  Parental Rights – Termination –  Abandonment

S.S.S., L.W.V. and M.T.S-V. v. C.V.S. (MLW No. 71090/Case No. SC96037 – 22 pages) (Supreme Court of Missouri, Powell, J.; Fischer, C.J., Wilson and Russell, JJ., concur; Breckenridge, J., dissents in separate opinion filed; Draper and Stith, JJ., concur in opinion of Breckenridge, J.) Appealed from circuit court, St. Louis City, Mason, J. (Aaron M. Staebell, St. Peters, for appellant) (Jonathan K. Glassman, St. Louis, for respondents).

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Negligence : Motion To Transfer – Severance – Punitive Damages

Barron v. Abbott Laboratories, Inc. (MLW No. 71022/Case No. SC96151 – 17 pages) (Supreme Court of Missouri, Powell, J.; Draper, Russell and Breckenridge, JJ., concur. Wilson, J., concurs in separate opinion filed; Fischer, C.J., and Stith, J., concur in opinion of Wilson, J.)

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