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U.S. Bankruptcy Appellate Panel

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Bankruptcy: Eligibility-Credit Counseling Requirement-Refiling Bar

  Where a debtor challenged the dismissal of her bankruptcy case, the judgment is affirmed because the debtor failed to file a certificate of completion stating that she had received the required credit counseling, so she did not meet the ...

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Bankruptcy: Finality Of Order-Discharge

Where debtors challenged the denial of their motion for a determination of whether a confirmation order barred a state court action relating to an underlying contract, the bankruptcy court did not reach the merits of the request for declaratory judgment ...

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Bankruptcy: Proof of Claim-Judgment

The bankruptcy court allowed Lariat’s claim against debtor and rejected debtor’s argument the claim had been paid in full by debtor’s spouse. Where Lariat’s claim against the debtor flowed from a guaranty judgment it previously obtained, which was extinguished by ...

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Bankruptcy: Student Loans-‘Educational Loan’-Funding Of Program

Where a debtor challenged the denial of her motion seeking a discharge of student-loan debt, the bankruptcy court did not err in categorizing the debtor’s loan as an educational loan, but the court’s inference in favor of the bank that ...

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Bankruptcy:Chapter 7- Denial of Discharge- Failure to Keep Records

Debtors filed a Chapter 7 petition; among their debts, debtors confessed judgment of approximately $400,000 in favor of a jeweler from whom debtors took possession of watches, earrings and ring collections. Although debtors returned multiple watches and a ring collection, ...

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