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Criminal Law: Sentencing-Supervised Release Revocation-Substantive Reasonableness

Where a defendant appealed after the district court revoked his supervised release and sentenced him to 24 months in prison followed by 24 months of supervised release, the revocation sentence was not substantively unreasonable because it was within the advisory-guidelines ...

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Criminal Law: Sentencing-Substantive Reasonableness-Mental Health

Where a defendant in a drug-conspiracy case argued that his sentence was substantively unreasonable, the district court did not abuse its discretion in weighing the defendant’s mental health with his criminal conduct, so the judgment is affirmed. Judgment is affirmed. ...

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Criminal Law: Revocation of Supervised Release-Testimony from Police Report-Confrontation Clause Rights

Defendant appealed from the revocation of her supervised release, following her arrest for forgery. At the revocation hearing, defendant’s probation officer read from the police report of her arrest. On appeal, defendant argued this gave her the right to confront ...

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Criminal Law: Court Costs-Motion to Retax

Where a defendant appealed the trial court’s denial of his motion to retax costs to the state, the judgment is affirmed because the court’s determination as to which party should be taxed costs is part of the judgment itself, so ...

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Criminal Law: Child Sex Abuse-Exclusion of Evidence-Prior Offender

Where a defendant, who was convicted of charges arising from his alleged sexual abuse of his girlfriend’s child, challenged the exclusion of evidence that the victim’s father was physically abusive to the child, the defendant failed to prove that the ...

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Criminal Law: Arrest Record-Expungement

Where the state challenged a judgment expunging respondent’s arrest record, arguing that he was statutorily ineligible for expungement, according to an expungement attorney the expungement of the respondent’s speeding conviction restored him to the status he occupied prior to the conviction ...

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Civil Practice: Sunshine Law-Attorneys’ Fees

Where a city clerk challenged trial court orders addressing her failure to disclose records under the state’s sunshine law and imposing a civil penalty and attorneys’ fees to the opposing party, substantial evidence supported the finding that the clerk’s refusal ...

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