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Civil Practice: Right to Counsel-Indigent Defendants-Sovereign Immunity

Where plaintiffs brought a class action against the state and governor of Missouri and officials of the state’s public-defender system arguing that the state was failing to meet its obligations to provide indigent criminal defendants with meaningful representation, the state ...

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Criminal Law: Armed Career Criminal-Prior Violent Felony-Concurrent Sentence Doctrine

Defendant pleaded guilty to distributing cocaine base and possessing a firearm as an armed career criminal. Defendant conceded his prior convictions made him an armed career criminal. After the Court’s decision in Descamps v. U.S., 570 U.S. 254, defendant unsuccessfully ...

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Civil Rights: IDEA-Disability Discrimination-Exhaustion of Administrative Remedies

When plaintiff entered kindergarten, his parents sought a section 504 plan under which plaintiff would be placed in regular classroom instruction and could use a tablet to compensate for speech and motor delays. Plaintiff’s parents rejected the school district’s alternative ...

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Civil Rights: First Amendment-Political Patronage-Qualified Immunity

Where circuit court employees brought First Amendment political-patronage claims against the newly elected court clerk and his subordinate, the denial of qualified immunity to the defendants is affirmed because the evidence showed that the plaintiffs’ political affiliations and campaign activities ...

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