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Administrative Law: Denial of Benefits-Residual Functional Capacity

Where a claimant challenged the denial of his claim for disability insurance benefits and supplemental security income, the adverse decision was supported by substantial evidence, including the residual functional capacity finding and the conclusion based on vocational expert testimony that ...

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Workers’ Compensation: Additional Evidence-“Proper Review”

Where the Missouri Department of Transportation challenged the quashing of a writ that sought to prohibit the Labor and Industrial Relations Commission from accepting additional evidence in a workers’ compensation case, the Missouri Supreme Court’s holding in Mantia v. Missouri ...

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Real Property: Quiet Title-Finality of Judgments

Where appellant challenged a judgment in favor of a city on his petition for quiet title, ejectment, trespass, inverse condemnation and nuisance, the appellant’s petition brought the appeal against the city, three additional named parties and unknown “Doe” parties, and ...

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Public Utilities: Infrastructure System Replacement-Recovery of Costs-Estimated Net Operating Loss

Where a water company appealed the Public Service Commission’s report and order approving its petition to change the company’s infrastructure system replacement surcharge to recover costs incurred in system replacements and relocations, the commission’s exclusion of estimated net operating loss ...

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Juvenile Law: Delinquency Finding-Sexual Misconduct-Sufficiency of Evidence

  Where a juvenile challenged a judgment finding him to be delinquent, the evidence showed that the juvenile sent a pornographic photo to a minor, but the juvenile court erred in finding that the juvenile sent a photo of his ...

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Criminal Law: Domestic Assault-Sufficiency of Evidence-Physical Evidence

Where a defendant challenged his conviction for domestic assault, evidence that the victim was strangled resulting in unconsciousness was sufficient to support a finding that she suffered a physical injury to support the conviction for domestic assault in the second ...

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Workers’ Compensation: Deceased Employee-Successor in Interest-Sufficiency of Evidence

Where an employer challenged an award of workers’ compensation benefits to the estate of a deceased employee, Section 287.580 applied and did not mandate the application of Rule 52.13, and the requirements of the statute were satisfied, so the employer ...

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