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Corporate Law

Sep 6, 2010

Jury awards plaintiff who invested in store

A Shrewsbury woman won a $172,000 verdict in St. Louis County Circuit Court against two individuals who allegedly defrauded her when she invested in their clothing store.

Sep 2, 2010

Contracts: Real Estate – Ambiguity

McClain v. Hartley (MLW No. 61174/Case No. ED93184 – 5 pages) (Missouri Court of Appeals, Eastern District, Richter, C.J.)

Sep 2, 2010

Contracts: Breach Of Contract – Mechanic’s Lien – Notice

Ambassador Floor Company v. Bruner Buildings LLC, et al. (MLW No. 61168/Case No. ED93835 – 7 pages) (Missouri Court of Appeals, Eastern District, Baker, J.)

Sep 2, 2010

Taxation: Use Tax Exemption – Kitchen Equipment – ‘Plants’

Brinker Missouri, Inc. v. Director of Revenue (MLW No. 61198/Case No. SC90463 – 17 pages) (Supreme Court of Missouri, Stith, J.; Teitelman, Russell, Wolff, Breckenridge and Fischer, JJ., concur; Price, C.J., dissents in separate opinion filed)

Sep 2, 2010

Commercial: Warranty Rights – Assignment – Transfer Of Equipment

Renaissance Leasing, LLC, et al. v. Vermeer Manufacturing Company (MLW No. 61199/Case No. SC90258 – 39 pages) (Supreme Court of Missouri, Price Jr., C.J.; all concur)

Sep 2, 2010

Attorneys: Disciplinary Proceeding – Misappropriation Of Funds – Repeated Violations

In re: Renae Ehler (MLW No. 61193/Case No. SC90652 – 19 pages) (Supreme Court of Missouri, Breckenridge, J.; all concur)

Sep 2, 2010

Arbitration: Class Action Waiver – Unconscionability – Auto Dealership

Ruhl v. Lee’s Summit Honda (MLW No. 61196/Case No. SC90601 – 8 pages)

Sep 2, 2010

Arbitration: Class Action Waiver – Unconscionability – Loan Agreement

Brewer v. Missouri Title Loans, Inc. (MLW No. 61194/Case No. SC90647 – 23 pages)

Sep 2, 2010

Arbitration: Valid Agreement – Failure To Prove – Judicial Admission

M & I Marshall & Ilsley Bank v. Sader & Garvin, L.L.C., et al. (MLW No. 61190/Case No. WD71399 – 12 pages) (Missouri Court of Appeals, Western District, Pfeiffer, J.)

Sep 1, 2010

Taxation: Deduction Of Losses – S Corporation

Russell v. Commissioner; United Energy Corporation v. Commissioner; Kopseng v. Commissioner (MLW No. 61142/Case No. 09-2306/09-2307/09-2310/09-2576 – 5 pages)

Sep 1, 2010

Insurance: Death Benefits – Wife’s Estate – Attorney’s Fees

First National Bank & Trust Company of Mountain Home v. Stonebridge Life Insurance Company, et al. (MLW No. 61135/Case No. 09-2563/09-2760 – 8 pages)

Sep 1, 2010

Contracts: Acquisition – Justifiable Reliance – Trucking Company

Waldner v. Carr, et al. (MLW No. 61156/Case No. 09-2246 – 20 pages) (U.S. Court of Appeals, 8th Circuit, Shepherd, J.)

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