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Consumer Law

Consumer Law: Home Equity Loans-Failure to Comply with Pretrial Scheduling Order-Dismissal with Prejudice

Plaintiff appealed from the district court’s dismissal of his complaint with prejudice for failure to comply with pretrial scheduling orders. Where plaintiff failed to submit any required filings after repeated warnings by the district court, there was no error in ...

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Consumer Law: Health Care Providers-Medical Records Search-Search Fee When No Records Found

Plaintiff appealed from the dismissal of his suit challenging defendant’s charging of a search fee for patient medical records searches when no responsive records were found. The district court agreed with defendant that statutory language permitted health care providers to ...

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Consumer Law: Fair Debt Collection Practices Act-Missouri Merchandising Practices Act-Attorneys’ Fee Award

Plaintiff sued defendants for violations of the FDCPA and Missouri Merchandising Practices Act. The district court granted summary judgment to defendant and awarded him statutory damages and attorneys’ fees calculated under the lodestar approach. Defendants filed a late appeal, alleging ...

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Consumer Law: Fee for Legal Document Preparation-Unauthorized Law Business-Fee-Shifting

Plaintiffs filed a class-action suit alleging defendant’s practice of charging a fee for preparation of legal documents when selling boats and trailers constituted unauthorized law business. The district court granted summary judgment and awarded attorneys’ fees and costs from the ...

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