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Employment Law opinion

Employment: Fair Labor Standards Act-Unpaid Wages-Extension of Expert Report Deadline

Plaintiffs filed a class-action suit against defendants, seeking compensation for unpaid wages allegedly earned during off-duty time spent on short rest breaks and while plaintiffs were resting in their trucks’ sleeper berths. Following a trial, the jury awarded plaintiffs more ...

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Employment: Workers’ Compensation-Work Accident or Occupational Disease

Claimant appealed the decision of the Labor and Industrial Relations Commission, which dismissed claimant’s application for full commission review of an administrative law judge’s adverse decision on claimant’s workers’ compensation claim. The commission found that claimant’s application failed to meet ...

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Workers’ Compensation: Permanent Total Disability Award-Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder-Compensation to Spouse

Where an employer and its insurer challenged the decision of the Labor and Industrial Relations Commission to award workers’ compensation benefits to a truck driver who suffered from acute stress disorder and depression following an on-the-job accident, the judgment is ...

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Employment: NLRA-Reliance on Prior Unlawful Discipline-Discussion of Discipline

Plaintiff appealed defendant’s decision and order affirming an administrative law judge’s determination that plaintiff violated the National Labor Relations Act by relying on a prior unlawful discipline to discipline and terminate an employee and designate her “not for rehire,” and ...

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Employment: Race Discrimination-Lack of Official Liability-Municipal Liability

Defendant appealed from the jury verdict entered against it in favor of plaintiff in his race-discrimination claim. Plaintiff was hired by defendant as the city collector; the mayor ultimately terminated plaintiff for “unsatisfactory work performance.” On appeal, defendant argued that ...

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