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Employment Law opinion

Employment Law: Employment Discrimination-Gender Discrimination-Summary Judgment

  Plaintiff appealed the district court’s grant of summary judgment to defendant on plaintiff’s gender-based employment-discrimination claim. Where record revealed no error by the district court, court affirmed the grant of summary judgment to defendant. Judgment is affirmed. Okoye v. ...

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Employment Law: Federal Employers’ Liability Act-Protective Order-Denial of Discovery

Plaintiff injured himself attempting to remove generators by himself after being reprimanded by a supervisor for not having the generators moved. During discovery, the district court granted a protective order for deposition of the supervisor. The district court later granted ...

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Employment Law: Early Retirees-Termination of Healthcare Benefits

  Injunctive Relief Plaintiffs were former employees of defendant who retired before the age of 65 pursuant to defendant’s collective bargaining agreements with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. Plaintiffs alleged that defendant’s decision to terminate early-retiree health care benefits breached ...

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Employment Law: Disability Discrimination Long-Term Disability Benefits Judicial Estoppel

Plaintiff and his former employer cross-appealed the jury verdict awarding plaintiff damages in his disability-discrimination and wrongful-termination claim. Plaintiff was diagnosed with chronic muscular dystrophy; believing he was being discriminated against due to his disability, plaintiff ultimately applied for and ...

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Employment Law: Wage Discrimination-Retaliation-Nondiscriminatory Factors

Plaintiff appealed the district court’s grant of summary judgment in favor of defendant, plaintiff’s former employer, on plaintiff’s wage discrimination and retaliation claims. Where plaintiff’s pay differential was explained by valid factors other than sex and where plaintiff failed to ...

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