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Family Law opinion

Domestic Relations: Parental Rights-Termination

Where a father challenged the termination of his parental rights to six minor children, the trial court’s finding that termination was in the best interests of the children was not an abuse of discretion. Judgment is affirmed. Greene County Juvenile ...

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Domestic Relations: Divorce-Motion to Dismiss Appeal

Husband appealed from the trial court’s judgment of dissolution of marriage. Wife moved to dismiss husband’s appeal due to Rule 84.04 violations and other briefing deficiencies. Where husband failed to include concise statements describing where the errors complained of on ...

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Domestic Relations: Grandparent Visitation Rights-Denial of Reasonable Visitation

Mother appealed from the judgment granting grandparent visitation rights with mother’s son to the child’s paternal grandfather, the father of mother’s deceased husband. Mother argued that she did not deny grandfather reasonable visitation for a period exceeding 90 days. Where ...

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Domestic Relations: Child Support-Emancipation-Expert Testimony

(1) Where a father challenged a judgment modifying an original dissolution decree, the trial court erred in striking expert testimony on the son’s employability and emancipation, so the appellate court exercised its discretion to render the appropriate judgment, finding that ...

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Domestic Relations: Child Support-Modification-Child Custody

Where a father challenged a judgment altering visitation provisions and increasing his child-support obligation, the father did not show prejudice from the admission of a court-ordered psychological examination because substantial evidence supported the finding that unsupervised visitation would endanger the ...

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Domestic Relations: Order of Protection-Sufficiency of Evidence of Predicate Acts

Defendant appealed from the order of protection, arguing that there was insufficient evidence to support the trial court’s finding that defendant’s conduct constituted stalking or harassment and that the trial court failed to consider the harm to defendant from the ...

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