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Insurance Law

Insurance Law: Medical-Malpractice Policy-Liability-Limit Clause-‘Medical Occurrence’

Where a mother and child, who were allegedly injured during delivery, each brought claims against a doctor that were resolved through a confidential settlement agreement, and the doctor’s insurer argued that the plaintiffs’ claims were subject to a single liability ...

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Insurance: Motor-Vehicle Accident-Underinsured Motorist Coverage-Limits on Coverage

  Plaintiff appealed from the district court’s grant of declaratory judgment to defendant, plaintiff’s auto insurer, after defendant refused to convey UIM coverage following plaintiff’s car accident, pursuant to the definition of an underinsured motorist and the anti-stacking provision in ...

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Insurance Law: Denial Of Coverage-Fraudulent Misrepresentation-Tortious Interference

(1)Where  a car buyer challenged the denial of insurance coverage on her claim that an auto dealer committed fraudulent misrepresentation, the judgment is affirmed in part because the policy unambiguously did not provide coverage for the intentional-fraudulent-misrepresentation claim, and the ...

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Insurance Policy: Motorcycle Policy-Physical-Damage Coverage-Failure to Pay Under Policy

Defendant provided plaintiff a total-loss policy for plaintiff’s motorcycle, which required that “legal action relating to coverages” had to be brought “within one year immediately following the date of the accident or loss”. When plaintiff had a total loss in ...

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Insurance: Disability Insurance-Underlying Cause of Disability-Limitation on Benefits

Plaintiff applied to defendant, her disability insurer, for disability benefits. Defendant concluded that “mental disorders” caused plaintiff’s disability, which limited plaintiff to two years of benefits under her plan. Plaintiff filed suit against defendant but the district court granted summary ...

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