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Criminal Law: Sex Crimes-Use of Propensity Evidence-Lack of Independent Proof of Corpus Delicti

Defendant was found guilty of committing sex crimes against a six-year old victim. On appeal, defendant challenged the use of propensity evidence without also presenting independent proof of the corpus delicti of the charged offenses. Where the corpus delicti rule ...

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Criminal Law: Transactions Derived from Unlawful Activity-Tax Fraud-Sentencing Enhancement

Defendant pleaded guilty to engaging in monetary transactions in property derived from specified unlawful activity and to filing a false or fraudulent tax return. The district court imposed concurrent sentences on both charges. On appeal, defendant challenged the application of ...

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Criminal Law: Possession with Intent to Distribute-Substantive Reasonableness of Sentence-Ineffective Assistance of Counsel

Defendant appealed from the sentence imposed after he pleaded guilty to possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute. On appeal, defendant argued that his sentence was substantively unreasonable and that former counsel was ineffective for failing to negotiate a more ...

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