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Property Law

Real Property: Quiet Title-Finality of Judgments

Where appellant challenged a judgment in favor of a city on his petition for quiet title, ejectment, trespass, inverse condemnation and nuisance, the appellant’s petition brought the appeal against the city, three additional named parties and unknown “Doe” parties, and ...

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Real Property: Guardian Ad Litem-Withdrawal

Where the trial court appointed a guardian ad litem to protect appellant’s interest in ongoing litigation arising from a dispute between appellant as a property owner and respondent, which managed and maintained the subdivision, the judgment is reversed and remanded ...

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Real Property: Unlawful Detainer-Warranty of Habitability-Current Possession

Where in a dispute arising from a lease agreement for rental property, the landlord brought an action for rent and possession and later amended the petition to request relief for unlawful detainer, and the tenant raised a counter claim and ...

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Real Property: Egress/Ingress Easement-Weight of the Evidence

Defendants appealed from the denial of their claim to reform a warranty deed that granted plaintiffs, defendants’ neighbors, an egress/ingress easement. On appeal, defendants challenged the trial court’s application of the law and the weight of the evidence supporting the ...

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