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2010 WJA

Nikki Cannezzaro

Nikki Cannezzaro's firm, Franke Schultz & Mullen, touts her as a "very aggressive trial and appellate lawyer." And in 2008, the Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association awarded Cannezzaro the "Young Lawyer of the Year Award."

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Judge Kathianne Crane

During the decade of social change of the 1960s, Kathianne Knaup Crane entered Washington University, spent a year studying at the University of Strasbourg in France and graduated in 1967 with a political science degree in her hand and ideas in her head.

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Mavis T. Thompson

Growing up, Mavis T. Thompson lived with generations of family members, including some with disabilities and some who married people from other cultures. Her home life left an indelible impression.

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Quinn Loring Grimes

Forget the motivational prints and the unassuming potted plant. St. Louis County public defender Quinn Loring Grimes' office is a radiant reflection of self: Photos of her husband and 7-year-old daughter cover the desk, a print of the Chicago skyline (Grimes grew up in the city's suburbs) stretches across one wall, and colorful posters from past King Biscuit blues festivals hang on another.

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