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Missouri Lawyers Awards 2017

Michael Barrett

Michael Barrett

  Michael Barrett’s decision to assign a sitting governor to provide legal defense for an indigent criminal defendant was an appointment heard round the world in 2016. The appointment followed Gov. Jay Nixon’s July decision to withhold $3.5 million in ...

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Lowell Pearson


Lowell Pearson says the key word to describe his client’s win against electric car maker Tesla is fairness. Pearson, the managing partner of Husch Blackwell’s Jefferson City office, secured a victory for the Missouri Automobile Dealers Association in a case ...

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Kim Gardner


Kim Gardner never planned to become a prosecutor. Gardner, a lifelong St. Louisan whose family runs a funeral home, started her professional life as a nurse. When she did decide to go to law school, it was to pursue a ...

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Mae Quinn


Mae Quinn was the first in her family to go to college. She left home at 17, worked full time to put herself through school, and “because of the kindness and grace of others” earned her law license. “Given my ...

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JoAnn Sandifer


JoAnn Sandifer knows how to stick with things. She’s been at Husch Blackwell since she did an internship in law school. Recently, she spent eight years working on a case until prevailing at both the district and appellate court levels. ...

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Christopher Schmidt


In his practice, Christopher Schmidt tries to keep a narrow focus. Keep the courts looking at the law, and try to avoid the emotional appeal. “I really try and keep the courts focused on the jurisdictional nature of the treaty, ...

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Chief Justice of the Missouri Supreme Court Richard Teitelman.

Often, when a public official drops you a line, he has an angle. A favor to ask, a bone to pick, a story to tell, a suggestion to plant. So for vast sectors of the legal, political and journalistic community ...

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Annette Heller


To stand alone was not necessarily Annette Heller’s intention. But in the early 1980s, when there was no such thing as flextime, and with two young children, Heller’s husband made a suggestion: open your own firm. “It was a novel ...

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Bill Thompson


Bill Thompson’s retirement on Dec. 31 as clerk of the Missouri Supreme Court completed a slow-motion seismic shift in the state’s highest judicial body. Though Thompson became the Supreme Court’s top administrator just in 2012, he had been with the ...

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Tim Thornton


Tim Thornton became Greensfelder, Hemker & Gale’s first chief executive officer in 2016. The veteran attorney said that the firm’s decision was a little counterintuitive; they had a strong year, financially, but the choice of him, or more accurately, an ...

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Sharhonda Shahid


There was a point in her career where Sharhonda Shahid was done with the law. It seemed an unusual place for her to be anyway. Her undergraduate focus was on bioscience. She worked on the human genome project at Washington ...

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