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WJA 2017

Beth Phillips

Beth Phillips earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Chicago before returning to her home state to attend the University of Missouri School of Law. After years of work in the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Kansas City, she ...

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Karen L. Krauser

Karen Krauser has left her mark on the justice system of Clay County. It’s where she got her start as an assistant prosecuting attorney, working her way up to deputy chief. After serving as a municipal court judge, Gov. Jay ...

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Woman of the Year: Patricia Breckenridge

Missouri Supreme Court Chief Justice Patricia Breckenridge doesn’t relish public speaking. But in January, just a week after Missouri’s new governor delivered a blistering portrait of “nasty” lawyers working in a “broken” judicial system, she stood before the legislature to ...

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Terry Daley Schwartze

Terry Daley Schwartze has worked tirelessly to serve all sides in Maries County courtrooms. Before her first of two stints as prosecuting attorney, she was a public defender. As the executive director of the Meramec Area Legal Aid Corp. and ...

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Carol Taylor Aiken

Carol Taylor Aiken has long had ambitions in the law. When she was 12, she wrote to the FBI, asking how she could get a job with the agency. In a letter from J. Edgar Hoover, she was told that ...

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Calea Stovall-Reid

Dreading jury duty is a universal cliché, but for Calea Stovall-Reid, getting that notice in the mail changed the course of her life. The Howard University graduate served on a jury in Washington D.C., and the experience inspired her to ...

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Kathleen M. Hart

Kathleen Hart works as an administrative law judge all day, with duties that include adjudicating workers’ comp cases and disputes over medical fees. But when she’s off the clock for her paid job, she’s often using her skills elsewhere. Among ...

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Holly Yoakum

“Holly embodied everything you’d want in a friend and a colleague and in an advocate,” said Legal Services of Eastern Missouri Executive Director Dan Glazier. “She was completely committed to doing good in this world and to making a difference.” ...

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Cynthia L. Short

Having Cynthia Short as an attorney can be a matter of life and death for her clients. Since 1988, she has worked in criminal law, with a strong reputation in defending clients accused of capital crimes. As a trial attorney ...

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Women’s Justice Awards 2017


You can also view the digital edition on PageTurn Pro. If you would like to see an older version of Missouri Lawyers Weekly, you can view them in our archives.  

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Cynthia J. Hyde


The legal landscape of southwest Missouri has been shaped in part by Cynthia Hyde. As an assistant U.S. attorney, she has represented the government in more than 3,000 cases, resulting in the prosecution of major drug-trafficking organizations and the forfeiture ...

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